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Filipinos in Albania

Until 31.12.2020 in Albania are registered 121 Filipinos citizens of which 108 are female and 13 male mostly working as household service workers, caregivers, masseuse and cooks. There are also missionaries and those working as private staff of foreign diplomats. 


Most of these Filipino workers arrived in Tirana as tourists from other parts of Europe. The others were recruited through placement agencies in the Philippines.


The minimum monthly wage of Filipinos range from USD 400.00-500.00, with one (1) day off (either Sunday or Monday). Most of them live outside their places of work, renting one (1) house to be shared with five (5) – six (6) other Filipinos.

Albania has adequate laws protecting the rights of migrant workers. Operationally, however, the legal infrastructure is generally weak, forcing aggrieved workers to resort to out of court settlement of complaints or labor disputes. 


Some of the laws protecting the rights of migrant workers are as follows:

  1. Article 43 of the Albanian constitution states that “every immigrant worker or his family enjoys the right to appeal to a higher court the decision of a lower court. He also has the right to rehabilitation and/or compensation in compliance with law if he is injured due to unlawful act, action or inaction of state organs.”

  2. Law No. 9959 on Foreigners of 1998 is the law that pertains to foreigners who enter or intend to enter Albania with the purpose of staying, transiting, employment, study or readmission.


  1. The Labor Code of Albania is based on the international conventions ratified by the Republic of Albania and on the generally recognized norms of the International Law. Relevant provisions of the Labor Code are as follows: 

    • Work Hours: five (5) working days a week, 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week

    • Work on Sundays and Holidays: compensated with a wage increase not less than 25% or with a leave from duty equal to the duration of performed job plus an additional leave from duty not shorter than 25% of the duration of this job, which will be taken one week before or after the job was carried out. 

    • Annual Vacations: The duration of the annual vacation is defined by the contract or by the collective agreement but cannot be less than 4 calendar weeks. 

Grounds for termination: A contract may be terminated only for reasonable cause such as serious offense, violations of the terms and conditions of the contract, repeated violations despite written warnings. 


There are currently four pending proposed agreements with Albania:


  • MOU for the Establishment of Bilateral Consultations; 

  • Agreement on the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments; 

  • Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income and Capital; 

  • Agreement on Culture, Education and Sports.

Filipino’s lifestyle in Albania

Everywhere in the world there is a Filipino, left our county and aim to have a better future to give to our families, that’s why we are here in Albania. Filipino overseas workers “OFW “that’s what they called us. We came here processed by a registered agency approved by the Philippine government. Finding employer is not that easy, we faced different kind of situation (bad and good). But we Filipino people are have strong spirit to face the test of life. We simply define living here is good. Some Filipino works here are as chef cook, massage therapist, nanny, household keeper, and etc., others are living with their respective employer and others are renting their home. Just like other ofw working in other countries, we work 6 days per week with 1 day off. Some of us are already migrant some are holding a permanent residency. We love Albania , simple life something getting along with Albanians is quite good interfering life different culture it adds life spice to be more a better person and this what Filipino are spreading because we know how to accept different culture and this how people love us. Our attitude how we love people of different kind. Year 2014, we start to build the Filipino community. We called it filcomat “Filipino community in Tirana Albania. Headed by Mr. Ronilo Momandre as our community President with 5 officers. We are almost 60 Filipino working in different field. 

Filcomat officers:

President: Mr. Ronilo Momandre 
Vice President: Fabia Gamuz
Secretary: Evilla Pagal
Treasurer: Wilma dela Cruz
Pro’s: Lyka Sibay and Jamely Chua 

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